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Our Rooms

- Upstairs at Stepping Stones -

We have two rooms for our babies and toddlers, the rooms are separate but children can move between each room to build their confidence and make new friends. 

Baby Steps:

This is for our smallest children, aged 3 months and older. When our babies are steady on their feet and ready emotionally they’ll move next door into First Steps. 

First Steps:

This room is for toddlers from around 18 months to 30 months or until when we feel they’re ready to move downstairs into Big Steps. There’s plenty of space for more adventurous physical play in First Steps with lots of real world play equipment to stimulate and scaffold their wonderful imaginations.

- Downstairs at Stepping Stones -

Big Steps:

This room is for children who are now on the exciting journey of becoming more confident and independent in readiness for big school. But they won’t move until they’re ready for a more structured day - our practitioners in Big Steps encourage inquisitiveness, friendship and individual character.

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