Warm, friendly, fun place for all of your child's social and educational needs.

Rooms: Ages and stages

We have three rooms within Stepping Stones, targeted towards children at various stages

Baby Steps:

Baby steps - picture 1 Baby steps - picture 2 Baby steps - picture 3

For children aged 3 months upwards. This room accommodates up to 6 babies at a time, with 2 loving caring and experienced staff members. Age and stage appropriate resources help to make your baby's day stimulating and exciting. We work closely in partnership with all parents to consider routines when planning for their child's particular needs.

Baby steps - picture 4 Baby steps - picture 5 Baby steps - picture 6 Baby steps - picture 7

First Steps:

First steps - picture 1 First steps - picture 2

Our babies move through to this room when they are confident on their feet and emotionally ready. First Steps accommodates up to 12 children with 3 practitioners. We plan our days to provide variety and to encourage originality and independence.

First steps - picture 3 First steps - picture 4

Big Steps:

Big steps - picture 1 Big steps - picture 2
Big steps - picture 3 Big steps - picture 4

The children move downstairs when they are a little more independent and ready for a more structured day, in preparation for school. Our 'Big Steps' practitioners encourage inquisitiveness, friendship and individual character.

Big steps - picture 5 Big steps - picture 6
Big steps - picture 7 Big steps - picture 8